Sport und Spaß im kühlen Nass

Wenn Sie die Isle of Man einmal sportlich entdecken möchten und nichts dagegen haben, nass zu werden, haben wir heute genau den richtigen Partner für Sie: Adventurous Experiences. Keirron Tastagh und sein Team haben sich schon seit Langem unter den Abenteuer-Urlaubern einen Namen gemacht. Der Seekajak-Spezialist zeigt Ihnen die Küste der Insel aus anderer Perspektive. Neben Kajakfahren und Coasteering bietet Adventurous Experiences auch Fels- und Schluchtklettern an. Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf


Mit dem Flugzeug zur Isle of Man? Ein Tipp aus der Praxis!

Sie fliegen zur Isle of Man und überlegen, welche Tasche Sie als Handgepäck mitnehmen? Bedenken Sie bitte, dass Sie ab England oder Irland mit kleinen Maschinen zur Isle of Man übersetzen werden. Sie ersparen sich viel Gedrücke und Gerücke im Flieger, wenn Sie bei dieser Reise auf die beliebten Hartschalen-Trolleys verzichten und stattdessen auf flaches und zur Not etwas „knautschbares“ Handgepäck ausweichen. Die Gepäckfächer sind wie der Rest der Flugzeuge ziemlich beengt…

An evening with Katherine Crowe

I feel blessed to have been in the audience for Katherine Crowe’s final concert at the Centenary Centre last night. (14/06/2013)
Katherine, who has terminal cancer, had the audience in raptures as she sang a great mix of old and new songs.  Seeing and hearing her on stage, it was hard to believe the battle she has had over past years.  Nevertheless, Katherine put on a highly polished performance that will have inspired everyone present.
Her rendition of the classic “Smile” brought tears to my eyes and I highly recommend you download the song.  Not only will you have a beautiful version of the song, you will also be contributing to cancer research.
– Bernie Quayle –
You can visit her website by clicking on this link:
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Foto: Mike Wade

Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT got underway this afternoon in glorious sunshine.  Thousands of fans from all over the world line the 37.75 mile circuit to view the greatest motorcycling event in the world.
I am not a motorcyclist but love the buzz of the TT.  The enthusiasm of fans is infectious for so many local residents who do not seem to mind the disruption to their everyday life.  Road closures do create havoc for many people but we grin and bear it because of the joy it brings to so many devoted fans.
For commentary and more, visit
– Bernie Quayle

Die Isle of Man per Flugzeug

In den letzten Tagen haben wir einige Anfragen zu Flügen für die TT 2014 erhalten. Immer wieder taucht die Frage auf, ob die Verbindung über London sinnvoll ist, da sie oft die günstigste ist. Wir raten eher davon ab, da meist der Flughafen gewechselt werden muss und dafür im vorgeschlagenen Reiseplan auf manchen Websites oft nur wenig Zeit einkalkuliert ist.
Wir ersparen Ihnen das zeitaufwändige Suchen und schicken Ihnen gerne ein Angebot für die zeitlich und preislich günstigste Verbindung. Besuchen Sie einfach unsere Website und schicken Sie uns eine Buchungsanfrage.

**Beachten Sie bitte, dass einige der Fluggesellschaften den Flugplan für Mai/Juni 2014 noch nicht zur Buchung freigegeben haben** 

My magical island home – Ein Gastbeitrag von Bernie Quayle

I must start by saying thanks to Jasmin for inviting me to write something about my magical island home.

For those who may not be familiar with its location, it is roughly midway between England and Ireland, 33 miles long and 12 miles wide. It is especially well known for the world famous TT motorcycle races.

Historically it was a strategically important centre in the days when Viking kings referred to it as their throne from which they ruled the Kingdom of Man and the Isles, a kingdom that reached from the Irish Sea to the North Atlantic Ocean. The Vikings established their parliament, known as Tynwald, in 979 AD, making it the oldest continuous parliament in the world. Though Tynwald makes the Island’s laws, those laws still need to be approved by the British parliament as the Island is a crown dependency.

Scenically, the Island is a microcosm of the British Isles. Stunning coasts, mountains, verdant meadows and plains along with a network of first class roads making travel a joy, But this was not enough for the Manx in the 19th century, they needed an income, tourism was the answer. Hotels and guest houses sprang up, mostly in Douglas, in the late 1800s. Many of them still offer accommodation for visitors but many more converted to apartments to meet the rapidly growing demand.

For over a century, the main source of revenue came from tourism. In the 1950s, the population of Britain considered a holiday in the Isle of Man as going abroad, in fact advertising posters, stated “Come abroad to the Isle of Man” and by golly they did. In those days, as many as 50,000 spent happy holidays on the Island. To cater for those visitors, the biggest names in show business did summer season shows.  The decline in tourism began in the early sixties when cheaper packages to continental destinations with sunnier climates attracted Brits abroad.

The Island now depends on events, such as the TT and specialist holidays for walkers and cyclists to attract people and the economy is boosted by the finance industry.  Despite the decline in tourism, the Islands economy is stronger than ever thanks to the financial industry. The Isle of Man is now home to some of the biggest names in finance and to avoid having to import workers to run these new businesses, our educators prepared students for this field. As a result, the Island now has the lowest unemployment rate in the UK.

The island has been the birthplace to many famous people and in more recent years, the brothers Gibb, the Bee Gees proudly referred to their birthplace and childhood on the Island. Following international fame, they each bought homes on the Island in the seventies and they did not mind admitting that tax perks was the driving force behind that decision. Robin Gibb bought a beautiful house near Peel, a house he loved and visited right up to his sad demise. His wife, Dwina, has retained that home and uses it several times a year.

I have lived in the USA, South Africa and various places in the UK but no matter where I lived, I was always drawn back to the Isle of Man. No matter how cosmopolitan you may be, live here for a couple of months and the magic will hold you here – but what is that magic? It is indefinable, you’ll have to visit and experience it for yourself.

There are many websites where you can see beautiful pictures of the Island and learn about its people and customs. One of them is Jasmin’s website That is the only travel agency in Germany specialising in the Isle of Man as a holiday destination.

If you have any specific questions about the Island, fill in the form here and I will do my best to answer them for you.

– Bernie Quayle –

Entdecken Sie die dunkle Seite der Isle of Man …

Lernen Sie die Insel einmal von einer ganz anderen Seite kennen. Wenn die Nacht über Peel und seine Burg herein bricht, zeigt sich die dunkle Seite der kleinen Stadt mit all ihren Geistern und Schauergeschichten, und davon haben die scheinbar so beschaulichen Gässchen von Peel wahrlich viele zu bieten. Besonders die Ghost Tour in Peel hat sich inzwischen zu einem echten „Klassiker“ entwickelt. Sehen Sie selbst warum!

Die nächste Ghost Tour findet am Mittwoch, den 5. Juni statt, ideal für alle TT-Besucher. Treffpunkt ist das House of Manannan um 20 Uhr. 5£ p.P.

Alle weiteren schauerlichen Orte und Termine unter